Our Technology

We focus on oxygen transport monitoring and management, as well as its importance in human health. O2 in blood is the catalyst enabling conversion of glucose into energy.

We can live without:-
Solid foods for weeks,
water for days,
but oxygen just for minutes because oxygen is a commodity, which our body has no capability to store. The transport of oxygen is blood flow and not blood pressure-related phenomenon.

Blood is the vehicle, oxygen is the cargo

Adequacy of oxygen supply to all tissues (an equilibrium between oxygen demand and oxygen delivery under all metabolic conditions) equates to health, quality of life and longevity.TEB Technology – TEBCOThoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output Monitor

TEB measures the electrical resistance of the thorax to the flow of a high frequency, low magnitude current (i.e. impedance) and its changes in time. TEB is non-invasive, continuous, hands-off and operator independent. Using Sramek’s Equation, it calculates the SV (Stroke Volume by blood flow per beat). TEB provides the values of SV, HR and CO, together with up to 7 other cardiodynamic, left-ventricular performance parameters for every heartbeat. TEB was proven clinical accuracy with over 50 clinical studies published. TEBCO utilizes all digital ECG and TEB data processing.

Sramek Patented Equation

SV = VEPT X (dZ/dt)max/Zo X VET


a function of gender,height and weight

a counterpart to the peak aortic blood flow

a counterpart to the peak aortic blood flow