Our products were used in both homes and hospitals, Sramek’s products detect hypertension and related symptoms through hemodynamics technology with precision. We are also looking for distributor of Sramek’s products worldwide, especially in the rising China market.

We have 2 distinctive products for both homes and hospitals, depending on their functions and levels of professional medical service.

Cardiovascular checker
at home to reduce the
risk of heart stroke.

It is a real-time cardiovascular monitor with hemodynamics data, which helps to reduce the risk of heart stroke.Cardiax is a cost-effective device with cutting-edge technology to precisely predict and manage most cardiovascular risk for patients, especially for senior citizens.

Cardiax is a new digital health solution that tackles cardiovascular risk in senior care.

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Hotman System

(Hemodynamic and Oxygen Transport Monitoring & Management System)

It is a registered medical device under FDA 501(K) and CE approved for the purpose of measuring blood flow with oxygen and collect complete hemodynamic data by non-invasive approach. The first Hotman System was applied in hospital since 2001.

Hotman System identifies the causes of observed abnormal hemodynamic state and provides clinical information what cardioactive and vasoactive means and agents to implement in order to reach the normohemodynamic state (Therapeutic Goal).

There are other systems that manage patient data in hospital and medical center, but only Hotman System provides patients with recommendations and solutions from data collected.

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